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Latest Google Pixel 2 leak points to potential October release

According to a new tweet from trusted leaker Evan Blass, Google is looking at an October 5, 2017 launch date for its highly-anticipated second generation Pixel handset. 

Aside from the news of its possible launch date, the tweet also claims that the Google Pixel 2 will be powered by the all-new Snapdragon 836 system on a chip (SoC), and will act as the debut of that particular Qualcomm chipset. 

This would put it ahead of the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which features a Snapdragon 835 processor. This particular rumor first came to light last month. 

Blass' leak joins a number of other Google Pixel 2 rumors, including one which posits the device will be dropping the headphone jack entirely, and another which states that the Google Pixel 2 might not look like other flagship phones.

All of this is based on rumor and speculation, of course, and we'll have more to reveal about Google's upcoming handset in the coming weeks.