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Will Amazon do away with Lovefilm?

Will Amazon do away with Lovefilm?
Amazon - might not Lovefilm as much as it claims

Lovefilm's days may be numbered as speculation rises about Amazon creating a global video service.

Lovefilm is also shedding management. Last week, Lovefilm's CEO Simon Calver stepped down, while today it emerges that the company's chief technology officer, Mike Blakemore, is leaving to join the Guardian.

That might not sound like much, but two of a business's top brass ditching Lovefilm within a week is pretty dodgy going for any company.

Two step

This staffing shuffle has led some to speculate that Lovefilm's days as a stand alone brand may be numbered – it has already been bought by Amazon and the latest thinking is that the retail behemoth will completely absorb it in the near future.

Amazon has already been bolstering its US streaming service as it adds to its Kindle Fire media arsenal. And you can bet that it'll want to bring all its streaming products under one banner at some point.

At that point, Lovefilm would cease to be. The question is, is that point coming soon?

From The Guardian via The Next Web