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Street View catches Google's own car speeding

Street View
Speeding on Street View.

There's all kinds of weird and wonderful detail hidden away in Street View: take St George's Road in Glasgow, for instance, where you can clearly see Google's camera car clocking up 37 mph thanks to the sign by the side of the road.

The tell-tale piece of digital evidence was spotted by Dutchman Twan van Duivenbooden who shared his discovery on Twitter. He works in Glasgow which goes some way to explaining why he was studying Street View images from the city in such detail.

Street View tweet

Thanks to the reflections in the building nearby you can see the Google Street View car heading towards the sign with no traffic ahead. Other signage on the road suggests the car is in a 20 mph zone - or perhaps just about to go into one - so it's well over the limit.

As yet there's been no response from Google but no doubt it'll be keen to tell its hired drivers to be more careful while grabbing 360-degree imagery - the cars themselves are hardly inconspicuous and any misdemeanour could get photographed for posterity.

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Via The Inquirer