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Spotify and gaining new listeners

Spotify - a tempting musical prospect for the UK
Spotify - a tempting musical prospect for the UK

Personalised online music is gaining in popularity, according to the latest research, with sites like and Spotify reaping the award.

A new study by radio audience measurement body Rajar has found that 4.5 million people in the UK are now using 'personal radio' services online in November. Compare this to 2.9 million in October last year and it seems that many more people are cottoning on to the idea of listening to music found in the cloud.

UK goes radio ga-ga

Dig a little deeper and the figures make for great reading, especially if you are the CEO of Spotify.

Rajar has found that one third of the UK population is now tuning into music online (or have at some point in their lives), which equates to 17.4 million people – although this was already at 16.9 million people in May.

And more people are tuning into podcasts too, with 8.1 million owning up to downloading the digital discussions.

When it comes to who wins out in the popularity stakes between Spotify and, it seems that Spotify is proving to be more popular.

Via the Guardian