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Microsoft slams 'Google's graveyard'

Microsoft slams 'Google's graveyard'
No flies on Microsoft

A Microsoft spokesperson has slammed Google for its 'see if it sticks' approach to product development, claiming that the 'Google graveyard' full of defunct programmes shows that the search giant isn't able to provide reliable services for business users.

Tom Rizzo, director of Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies, wrote a blog post likening Google's product management to cooking spaghetti:

"Google releases experimental products and tracks adoption to determine whether to continue providing them. Its products are like spaghetti, Google throws them up against the wall to see if they stick."

Hasta la pasta

To illustrate the point, he cites Google Wave, Google Aardvark and Google Buzz as three examples of non-stick spaghetti.

"It is clear that Google's product management practice is haphazard and noncommittal, resulting in its deliveries often falling short of expectations," he said before going on to extol the virtues of Microsoft's product support system.

What is it with Microsoft and weird tech analogies this week? First it was search being like Buffy and Knight Rider, now it's Google Buzz being like undercooked pasta. A bar's been set here, Microsoft – better get those thinking caps on for the next one.

From Technet via BGR