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Google to get its own Social Network-style movie

Google to get Googled
Google to get Googled

With The Social Network getting a huge amount of critical acclaim Stateside, it seems that a film about the creation of Google is busy being assembled, based on the book Googled:

The End of the World as We Know It.

The rights of the book were bought in August by Groundswell, the production company behind the Oscar-winning Milk, Appaloosa and The Informant.

Since then, The Social Network has come out in the US, making $23 million in its first week.

Fox has even nabbed the TV rights to the movie and will be showing it on FX in 2013.

Searching for a writer

Speaking to Forbes, a spokesperson for Groundswell has revealed that a writer is now being sought for Googled.

The company is obviously buoyed by The Social Network's success, and being that the book behind the forthcoming movie is every bit as engrossing as The Social Network's source material, it should make for an interesting movie.

Groundswell is hoping for a 2012 release date for Googled.

So, who will play Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page? We're hoping Jay and Silent Bob.

Oh, and Mark 'Chopper' Read as Eric Schmidt.