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Google sends Street View cameras to Amazon

Street View
Google takes its Street View cameras to the Amazon

Google has to begun to map the Amazon rainforest and river for its Street View service.

Camera teams have been dispatched by boat and in order to bring intimate details the world's largest tropical rainforest to your desktop.

The crews, which include the indigenous peoples of the area, will also seek to capture the living environments of those who inhabit the jungle.

Culture and beauty

"Once all the images are uploaded to the internet, we can share the local culture and beauty of the Amazon with anyone, anywhere in the world," says Karin Tuxen-Bettman, who is leading the team.

Without the vision, creativity and dedication of our partners, this endeavour would not be possible."

The project is being carried out in association with Sustainable Amazon Foundation, which hopes to raise awareness about the rainforest's plight.

Link: Telegraph