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Google searches down during Obama arrival

Google search traffic - down
Google search traffic - down

Google has announced that the number of web searches in the US were considerably reduced during the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Obama officially became the 44th US president on Tuesday, and it seems that the event was so big over the pond that it even stopped internet usage.

According to the Official Google Blog, search traffic suffered during the event – presumably as people's focus moved to televisions or streamed internet coverage of the inauguration.

Query volume down

"Finally, this graph demonstrates one other interesting search pattern that we saw: the overall query volume of Google searches dropped in the U.S. from the time President Obama took the oath of office until the end of his inaugural speech, demonstrating that all eyes were on today's festivities," blogged Jeffrey Oldham.

Although it remains to be seen if the appointment of the first black UK Prime Minister attracts the same kind of audience, we'd suggest that even if David Cameron and the Conservatives win the next election, Google UK will not be reporting a similar phenomenon.