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Google search results to feature celebrity endorsements

Celebrities will use their Google+ profiles to affiliate themselves with companies

Celebrity endorsements are set to appear in Google Search results as part of a new advertising trial.

The plan is for notable celebs - well, so far it's just the Kardashians - will use their Google+ profiles to give a +1 to the sites of products they endorse.

So, for example, if you search for Thomas Cook you could get a message telling you that "Jamie Redknapp endorses this product" if the injury-ravaged Sky Sports hunk let his allegiance be known.

Google has been attempting to woo celebrities to get on-board with Google+ since its inception, after seeing how important they've been to the success of Twitter and, to a lesser extent, Facebook.

In its early stages

Google admits the endorsement trial is still in its early stages with only reality TV staples the Kardashian sisters are on board so far, but the company is still preparing for a US and UK roll-out.

"Some advertisers use celebrity endorsement in their ads. This test extends the option of celebrity endorsement to online campaigns," a Google spokesman said.

"We're always testing new ways to make advertising more compelling to our users and advertisers."

It is thought that the plan will help Google clamp down on websites selling fake and illegitimate merchandise.

Link: Telegraph