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Google plumps for HTML 5 over Gears successor

Gears 2 - not happening
Gears 2 - not happening

Google has abandoned work on Gears 2, choosing to push forward with HTML 5 as it looks to bring web applications to the fore for things like its Chrome OS.

Gear was launched two years ago in order to allow web apps to have a local cache – and adding offline functionality to programs like Google Calendar and



However, with the HTML 5 standard arrives the same functionality along with many of the tools you would expect in any successor to Gears.

Gears 2 *IS* HTML 5

Thus it makes perfect sense for Google to back HTML 5 and put any thought of a Gears successor aside.

"We're very focused on moving HTML 5 forward, and that's where we're putting all of our energy," Linus Upson, Engineering Director at Google, told PC Magazine.

"When we started the Gears project, we did it because we couldn't get the browser vendors interested in building offline applications.

"And so, so we said, okay, we'll build a plugin that could do it. And lo and behold, once we shipped Gears, suddenly the browser vendors got very interested in adding capabilities to build offline applications.

"You can almost think of what's in HTML 5, with app cache, and database, and those things, as essentially Gears 2, and that's how we view it."

PC Mag Via PC Pro