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Batman v Superman will be more brutal and violent on Blu-ray

Batman v Superman will be more brutal and violent on home video

If the recent success of the adult-skewed superhero movie Deadpool has had you dreaming of a more grown-up take on the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, your wish has come true. A recent bulletin post by the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA) has revealed that an R-rated 'Ultimate Edition' of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been classified for US audiences.

The rating, which was discovered by pop culture website Epicstream, was given to the film for 'sequences of violence', leading us to assume that Batman's brutality is even more punishing in this version.

The bulletin specifically points out that this rating is for an 'edited version' of the film, stating that its 'content is different from PG-13 version'.

Though we don't know exactly when we'll get the Ultimate Edition of the film, the fact that this cut was submitted by Warner Home Entertainment makes it safe to assume that it's being saved for its eventual home entertainment release.

While this version has yet to be rated in the UK and Australia, it's likely that this cut will be submitted in those territories at a later date.

In the meantime, if all you dreamers out there could start wishing for an R-rated Lobo film to be announced, that would be just dandy.