Google Home finally has a UK release date


Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo, Google Home, has been out in the US for a number of months now, but has until now been absent from the UK. 

That’s all set to change by the end of June, when Google has confirmed that the smart speaker will see its UK release. 

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The speaker is powered by Google Assistant, the company’s voice activated personal assistant, which debuted on its Google Pixel phones last year.

A different beast from Amazon

Google Home’s unique feature is the ability to answer follow-up questions from a user, to provide a more natural conversation.

Google is also able to rely on its own search results and services rather than Alexa which relies on Bing search results to provide answers to many questions. 

The news coincides with Google’s announcement that it’s bringing Google Assistant to a much wider range of devices to replace its older Google Now voice service.