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Google Assistant will brighten your day with its new good news feature

There’s no shortage of bad news out there – with wars, famine and the mediocrity of Matt Groening’s new show, Disenchantment, topping the list – but Google wants to fix that, not by censoring bad news but by making it easier to find good news.

The feature is called ‘Tell Me Something Good’ and, according to Google, its purpose is to help inspire and encourage by bubbling up Solutions Journalism stories – stories that focus on the improvements we’re making to society rather than its flaws.

The feature will be available through Google Assistant and the voice command, “Hey Google, tell me something good” where you’ll hear stories like how residents in Detroit are creating jobs by becoming apiarists or how health data from apps is advancing Alzheimer's research. 

While Google acknowledges that the feature isn't likely to be a "magic solution" for our news woes, it will provide a small reprieve to those of us feeling a bit burned out by the daily deluge of hard-hitting stories.

Tell Me Something Good is rolling out to Google Assistant devices in the US starting today and should be available on your Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Assistant-based smartphones shortly.