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Samsung Gear VR release date and price teased in leaked doc

Gear VR
This could be on your face within two months

The Oculus Rift's release date remains shrouded in mystery, although we discovered that Oculus will launch the headset in public beta by next summer.

That means the floor is currently clear for competitors to show off their moves, even when those competitors are working closely with Oculus itself, like Samsung is with Gear VR.

But Samsung hasn't revealed a Gear VR release date or price yet - not officially, at least.

Now an alleged leaked document reportedly shows that the Gear VR will launch December 1 for under $200 (about £124, AU228).

Now that's customer service

The Korean-language document, discovered on Korean site, allegedly emerged from Samsung's internal customer service department.

It's a training sheet that contains answers to potential questions that customer service employees might receive, and luckily those questions include "when is Gear VR coming out?" and "how much will Gear VR cost?" according to G for Games.

Oddly it actually contains answers to those questions: December 1, and 200,000 won, which translates to roughly $187/£116/AU$214.

Granted, that does match up with what a Samsung representative said in early September, lending some legitimacy to this report.

There's no way to know whether the document is legit, or if it applies to other regions outside South Korea as well, but it's nice for now to think that a legit virtual reality headset might make it into the hands of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 owners as soon as December.