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Dell slaps extra security onto commercial PCs

Dell PC
Now encrypted, authenticated and with a protected workspace

Dell is tightening up security on its commercial PCs with three new Dell Data Protection (DDP) features on newly shipped machines.

All of its Precision, Latitude and OptiPlex PCs now come with a one year subscription to the new DDP Protected Workspace function, which moves the user's browsers, PDF readers and Office suite into a contained virtual environment away from the host operating system. Any malware attacks can be identified in real-time based on behaviour and actions inside the environment.

It is the first large scale deployment by an original equipment manufacturer of virtual container technology from Invincea. This is expected to cover more than 20 million devices over the next 12 months.

No word yet from Dell on the pricing of the subscription in subsequent years.

Encryption and authentication

The other two features are DDP Encryption, which protects data at file level so it should be safeguarded when sent to the cloud or transferred to another device, and authentication software named DDP Security Tools.

Dell says it's possible to manage encryption and authentication policies through the same console.