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LG DM50D 3D monitor arrives

She's coming out of the telly! Ahhhhhhh
She's coming out of the telly! Ahhhhhhh

LG has announced the DM50D 3D monitor, using its Cinema 3D TV technology in a desk friendly form factor.

LG suggests that the size and weight of current 3D monitors and the lack of 3D content for PCs was limiting consumer interest in adding an extra dimension to their computing.

The LG DM50D is billed, a little inevitably, as the 'perfect platform for 3D gaming and movie watching'.

Consumer research

"Our consumer research showed that while interest in 3D monitors was high, there were certain misgivings about the cumbersome glasses, reported health concerns and lack of 3D content," said Si-hwan Park, vice president of the monitor division at LG's Home Entertainment Company.

"Through CINEMA 3D technology, the DM50D addresses all of these concerns, leaving users free to be completely immersed in the best quality 3D content and gaming on any monitor on the market today."

The passive display also comes with 'flicker free' certification, brightness that is apparently twice as high as other 3D monitors and a promise from LG that the combination of these two things could cut down on "3D sickness".

The LG DM50D UK release date is July, with other markets to follow.