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Dell liquid cools new XPS

The XPS 710 H2C includes liquid cooling from CoolIT Systems

During his keynote at CES , Michael Dell referred to a new cooling system chosen for his company's new XPS system. The XPS 710 H2C employs CoolIT Systems ' patented MTEC technology to keep the new Intel Core 2 Quad silicon cool.

"The demands for high-performance computing have increased exponentially in the last few years," says Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT. The company maintains its MTEC tech gives far better performance than traditional water cooling.

It doesn't need radiators to be used to transfer heat away from the liquid. Instead, the liquid is refrigerated using a ThermoElectric Cooler, or TEC. This is a charged ceramic substrate that's also called a peltier. The purpose of the cooler is to pump heat from one side to another.

The technology was used on Quad SLI PCs from Dell's recent purchase, Alienware.

CoolIT says its MTEC cooling methods give "unparalleled overclockability, reduced system level noise and increased reliability".