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Old car, new tricks: Parrot's RNB6 to deliver Android Auto and CarPlay

Parrot RNB6
The RNB6 will give your car an IQ injection

Cars keep getting smarter, and while we'd all love to have a new Tesla or BMW sitting in the driveway, the price can be a little prohibitive.

Fortunately, very soon you won't need to fork out for a new set of wheels in order to enjoy some of motoring's exciting new fruits, with Parrot turning its attention away from drones and headphones long enough to inject your car with a dose of smart goodness via its RNB6 head unit.

Parrot's new kit will integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into cars that pre-date the smart revolution, offering integrated navigation, driving assistance, hands-free calls and voice activation of apps.

Parrot parking

Based on Android 5.0, the RNB6's infotainment system can be accessed via the head unit's 7-inch multi-touch screen.

The RNB6 can also access on-board diagnostics, displaying technical information in real-time as well as managing everything from air conditioning to parking sensors – provided your car is fitted with them in the first place, of course.

Parrot claims to have kept the 2-DIN unit's dimensions modest so that it can be easily installed in all vehicles.