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HD DVD fanboys bomb Amazon sales figures

HD DVD fans have caused a 1-day sales spike for their chosen format on Amazon.

HD DVD fanboys who discuss the wondrous passions of audiovisual entertainment on the AVSForum enthusiast chatroom have 'bombed' the Amazon US website. They got together to show support for the HD DVD format by collectively mass-buying thousands of discs from Amazon all on one day.

The scheme was very similar to ' Google bombing ', which many bloggers take part in. Google bombing is when thousands of bloggers link a certain phrase to an unrelated website to distort that page's ranking in Google.

An example of this was when the phrase 'miserable failure' was linked by many bloggers to George W Bush's biography website. This resulted in that site being the top result when Google users searched for the term 'miserable failure'.

The 'Amazon bombing' took place on April 15th, which was the first anniversary of HD DVD's launch.


Hundreds of HD DVD fanboys took part in the event, each one buying between one and twelve HD DVD movies each.

Bizarrely, not to be outdone the Blu-ray fanboys who lurk on AVSForums as well as other sites are planning to strike back with an Amazon bombing of their own.