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No R2D2 required: Star Wars: The Force Awakens vinyl record displays holograms

Star Wars Force Awakens vinyl set

Record collectors, get your wallets ready. The Star Wars: Force Awakens soundtrack will feature two 180-gram vinyl records featuring floating holograms.

Disc one will feature a hand-etched floating Millennium Falcon and Disc two will have a floating TIE Fighter. The records will each have a normal label on the A-side with the holograms etched on the B-side of the discs.

The mad genius behind the floating holograms is none other than Tristan Duke, the man who carved a floating holographic angel on Jack White's Lazaretto album. The carvings look like floating holograms because of a technique called abrasive holography, which is all done by hand.

To view the hologram, you'll need a direct light source, like a flashlight, to shine an angled beam. The hologram effect is subtle without a such a light source, but really pops when you shine a light on it.

The record will also feature a 16-page booklet with art and liner notes from director J.J. Abrams.

The Star Wars: Force Awakens vinyl is releasing June 17 for $49.96, but you can pre-order it now.