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John Lewis Broadband: what is it and how good are its packages in June 2022?

John Lewis broadband is unlikely to be the first thing you think of when John Lewis is mentioned. Tech gadgets, high-street shopping and a whole host of other purchases are likely to come first.

Its internet proposition is slightly different though - it often has some of the cheapest broadband deals on the market and sometimes throws in a free gift, too, from time to time.


Check out the broadband price comparison above to see today's best John Lewis internet offers. It may not have a wide array of options, but does provide competitively priced standard ADSL and fibre internet plans

And if you keep scrolling down this page, we have a load more information about John Lewis to help you make up your mind whether it should be the internet provider for you.

What John Lewis broadband packages are there?

There are three basic broadband plans that John Lewis offers, and they follow the same premise as most other providers: standard ADSL internet and two fibre options with different speeds. Below we have more information on each tariff:

John Lewis Unlimited Broadband
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One of the things we like most about John Lewis's broadband proposition is that they don't make you pay anything when you sign up. Unlike some other providers who charge set-up, installation or delivery fees, that's all free with John Lewis. Its basic package features average connection speeds of up to 10Mb (around 1MB per second) and also throws in evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. John Lewis Unlimited Broadband includes:

  • Avg 10Mb speed
  • Router included
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Home phone line with free weekend and evening calls to UK landlines
  • Free BullGuard (opens in new tab) internet security

John Lewis Unlimited Fibre (opens in new tab)
If you like the sound of fibre broadband and its super fast speeds, then this is John Lewis's entry-level plan. It cranks things up to 36Mb on average - that's the equivalent of around 4.5MB per second. Generally speaking, John Lewis reserves its most competitive pricing for ADSL and so it's worth checking out our pick of the best fibre broadband deals (opens in new tab) before you commit. John Lewis Unlimited Fibre includes:

  • Avg 36Mb speed
  • Router included
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Home phone line with free weekend and evening calls to UK landlines
  • Free BullGuard (opens in new tab) internet security

John Lewis Unlimited Fibre Extra (opens in new tab)
36Mb fibre will be plenty for most people. But for some households - where you have loads of folk trying to use the internet at once or you want to stream 4K films and TV - the extra few quid a month for Fibre Extra (i.e. 66Mb average download speeds) could be a worthwhile spend. John Lewis Unlimited Fibre Extra includes:

  • Avg 66Mb speed
  • Router included
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Home phone line with free weekend and evening calls to UK landlines
  • Free BullGuard (opens in new tab) internet security

To sign up to any of these packages, you can head to the John Lewis website (opens in new tab).

Is John Lewis a good broadband provider?

This will completely depend on what you're looking for. If you want a broadband plan with all of the bells and whistles, maybe some TV channels and unbelievable speeds then no, John Lewis won't be a good option.

However, if you simply want a capable internet plan at a low cost then John Lewis is a great choice. It has great call add-on plans and offers free security features as well as the occasional voucher for signing up.

While its TrustPilot score is by no means impressive, this is a trend you'll see across almost all broadband providers with few scoring higher than 3 stars.

John Lewis broadband FAQ

John Lewis broadband

(Image credit: John Lewis)

What John Lewis call plans are there?

As we said above, all John Lewis broadband packages are inclusive of line rental and calls to UK landlines between 7pm-7am on weekdays and all day on the weekends.

But if you love chatting on your landline, you can pay extra each month to improve your call plan. The Anytime plan is exactly as it sounds, allowing you to make calls to UK landline numbers at any hour you wish, and you can pay more again to add a mobile bolt-on to that. And then there's Anytime and International plan which adds 300 inclusive minutes to 35 countries including most European nations as well as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Can I add a TV bundle to John Lewis broadband?

A shorter answer for this one - no! John Lewis hasn't entered the world of TV packages. If you're keen to kill the TV and internet birds with one stone, then direct your attention to our best broadband and TV deals guide and use the comparison chart to narrow down your ideal all-round package.

How long will my John Lewis broadband contract last?

John Lewis broadband contracts last for 12 months. After that time, you'll probably see a price rise and at that point it is probably worth moving over to a different package.

Which broadband provider does John Lewis use?

John Lewis uses the Plusnet network for its internet. That means you can expect to get similar speeds to what is available with a Plusnet broadband deal

To transfer to John Lewis now, head to our comparison table at the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. Alternatively, you can head straight to the John Lewis website (opens in new tab).

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