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How to speed up your broadband

How to speed up your broadband
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Faster broadband shouldn't be something you need to think about as, if you've got the right connection, it won't be an issue. But it is for many people who want to stream the best 4K and HDR quality video or game online without lag. That's why it's worth looking at the best broadband deals to find how to pipe in the top speed data connection where you are.

But there are lots of factors to take into consideration before you decide to go for a broadband change. You may yet be able to get speeds without changing provider. Although with the process of changing easier than ever these days, that shouldn't be viewed as a hassle. In fact you may end up with a faster connection that actually saves you money too.

Why do I need fast broadband for streaming?

Before doing anything it's a good idea to take a broadband speed test to see how fast – or slow – your current connection is. Then you'll know what you might need to add to that to get you up and running properly.

Below 3Mb? You're going to struggle to get high-definition video with streaming services downgrading the quality in favour of keeping the video going.

For example Netflix says for 4K and HDR quality you'll need a connection of 25Mb. So you'll need a good quality fibre broadband deal to get that level.

How can I speed up my broadband?

There are ways to help improve that speed test score locally. For example, you may have lots of devices connected all using the bandwidth. If you only have the one you really need, be it a console or smart TV, that could get you faster speeds. 

Of course disconnecting everything else in the home may be a hassle at best and not realistically possible at worst.

Even if you work on speeding up your Wi-Fi, perhaps with a preposition or a new router, if your broadband feed is slow it'll never help that much. It's like having a little Nissan Micra and adding a loud exhaust pipe – you're not going to get much faster than that small engine can push you.

What broadband is fast?

If you're not getting decent speeds then it might be time to think about a change of broadband plan or even a switch of provider. 

There are lots of options out there for you to check out, from hard wired superfast BT broadband or Virgin Media broadband for maximum speeds where available. That means 300Mb or more, so speeds that will leave you not worrying about broadband connections again.

And if you're not too sure which is best and want to get the cheapest but fastest in your area, we've taken the work out of searching for you in our fibre broadband deals feature.

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