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The best broadband and TV deals in September 2021

Broadband and TV deals offer you a simple way to get both your internet and TV sorted in one subscription. And with options ranging from the cheap and cheerful up to some fully kitted out options, there is a lot of choice available. 

If you just want the basic channels and some average speeds, you can get broadband and TV at a pretty low cost. However, if you know you want the works, the likes of BT, Virgin and Sky can go all out.

If you already have an idea of what you want, simply use our comparison chart above to find your ideal option. If you're still unsure and want to find out more, you're in the right place!

In this guide we've broken down everything you need to know about speeds, channels, different providers and much more. And if you're not sure if you want TV as well, check out our broadband deals and fibre broadband deals guides for more information.

Broadband and TV deals: The top options

Virgin Big Bundle | 18 months | 108Mb average speed | Weekend calls | 112+ channels | £35 activation | £29.99 a month
Virgin's Big Bundle is probably the best overall value broadband and TV deal around right now. It will only cost you £29.99 a month but for that price you'll get speeds averaging 108Mb. With that, you'll also get over 112 channels and the ability to pause and rewind live TV.
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BT Sport + Fibre 2 | 24 months | Avg. speed 63Mb | Weekend calls | £9.99 upfront |  £44.99 a month + £90 reward card
This is going to be a fantastic option for those wanting to watch all of the biggest sporting events. It comes with speeds averaging 63Mb, Freeview, AMC, all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation. On top of all of that, you'll also get a £90 Mastercard thrown in. That comes in at a cost of £44.99 a month and while that is pricey, it is easily one of the best broadband and TV deals around.
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Now Brilliant Broadband + Entertainment Pass | 12 months | Avg. speed 11Mb | Anytime calls | £5 upfront | £23.99 per month
Now's Brilliant Broadband + Entertainment Pass is one of the cheapest options around for broadband and TV but, it is a lot more simplified than most. You'll only get speeds averaging 11Mb and instead of Freeview, you'll get a Now Entertainment Pass, giving you access to popular shows like the Friends Reunion, Chernobyl, Mare of Easttown and more.View Deal

Which broadband and TV deal is best?

What is the best broadband and TV deal?

For those on more of a budget, the best broadband and TV deal right now is going to be Virgin's Big Bundle. It costs £33 a month but supplies you with over 112 channels and speeds averaging 54Mb.

Sports fans will find the best value in BT's Sport + Fibre 2 plan. It costs just £47.99 a month. It comes with a £110 Mastercard and offers all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation. You also get Freeview TV and speeds averaging 67Mb.

Which provider has the best broadband and TV deals?

  • BT: best all-round package
  • Virgin: fastest speeds
  • Plusnet: cheapest bills
  • Sky: best quad-play provider
  • Vodafone: fibre and TV at low prices

What should you look for in broadband and TV deals?

Broadband and TV deals

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What broadband speed will I need?

There is a massive range of speeds you can get with broadband plans. These range from the slowest ADSL plans all the way up to the lightning fast ultrafast broadband.

Which speeds you need will depend on what you're using your internet for. We've broken down the options below, or you can use our what broadband speed do I need guide for an in-depth look.

This is the slowest form of broadband available. It tends to offer speeds averaging 10-11Mb. It uses copper wires and therefore can't get faster speeds.

This will work fine for smaller houses only using the internet for streaming, emails and general internet searching. You'll start to struggle with smart home devices, big downloads, gaming or having lots of devices.

This is the option that the large majority of people will go for. With speeds averaging between 17-36Mb, this is allowing you to stream in HD, game, work from home and generally not face too many problems.

However, these kind of speeds aren't going to work for large households with lots of devices all operating at the same time. You will start to see it struggle at this point, especially with multiple downloads occurring at the same time.

Faster Fibre:
Faster Fibre tends to start at around an average of 60Mb+. This is for those who work from home full time, anyone who has to download a lot or if you play games a lot.

It is essentially a more capable version of the above plan, allowing you to connect more devices, face less lag and power through downloads and uploads quicker.

Ultrafast Fibre:
Ultrafast is not going to be as readily available as the above options but if you can get it, it will be lightning fast. Virgin offers the best Ultrafast speeds, going in excess of 500Mb.

This is for perfect gaming, borderline instant downloads, smart homes and more.

What contract length should I go for?

Broadband and TV deals offer a few different contract lengths: 12, 18 and 24 months. The most common seems to be 24 month options, tying you in for the longest amount of time.

However, there is also a number of 18 month plans out there from the likes of Virgin and TalKTalk. 12 month plans are a lot more rare but both EE and Now Broadband occasionally offer them.

Whichever length contract you end up going for, make sure to switch provides or renegotiate your contract when it ends. If you continue past your contract you could be hit with inflated costs.

What internet is available where I live?

Broadband and TV deals offer a few different contract lengths: 12, 18 and 24 months. The most common seems to be 24 month options, tying you in for the longest amount of time.

However, there is also a number of 18 month plans out there from the likes of Virgin and TalKTalk. 12 month plans are a lot more rare but both EE and Now Broadband occasionally offer them.

Whichever length contract you end up going for, make sure to switch provides or renegotiate your contract when it ends. If you continue past your contract you could be hit with inflated costs.

What channels are available?

Broadband and TV deals

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There is a huge amount of channels available to you in the UK. However, certain TV packages are going to offer more than others. The standard and bare minimum is Freeview TV but most brand's offer a different collection of channels depending on the plan you choose.

Freeview is the basic TV package and you don't need to get a broadband and TV plan to watch it - you simply need a TV licence. However, if you go for the cheapest broadband and TV plans, they might simply include a TV box to allow you to watch Freeview.

TalkTalk's Fibre 35 and TV or Virgin's Big Bundle's are good examples of this, only adding a couple of extra channels.

Apple TV+:
This has become quite a popular option amongst broadband providers. Instead of offering you a TV package, it instead includes an Apple TV+ subscription with your internet.

This both gives you access to Apple TV+ shows and allows you to access Netflix, YouTube and more from your TV (if you already have subscriptions to those platforms). Both EE and Vodafone offer this service.

Top five providers for channels

What broadband speed do I need?

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1. Sky
2. Virgin
3. BT
4. TalkTalk
5. Now Broadband

NowTV Passes:
This is very similar to the Apple TV set-up. Both BT and Now offer NowTV passes instead of a TV plan. With BT, you'll also get Freeview TV access but Now Broadband just includes the passes.

This could mean an entertainment pass with access to Sky Atlantic, Sky One and more with shows like Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreations and Chernobyl. It could also be Sport Passes, Sky Cinema or other similar options.

Virgin and Sky are the only two brands left that really offer more than just freeview or TV passes. With Virgin, there are seven different TV plans available to you, ranging from basic freeview through to the 'Ultimate Oomph Bundle'.

There is options for movie fans with Sky Movies, Sky Sports packages with all of the Sky Sports channels or even a plan that includes all of Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, all of the kids channels like Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and much more.

Like Virgin, Sky has one of the largest collections of channels available. Unlike Virgin, it has a bit more choice. Instead of choosing pre-decided packages, you can choose the packages you want like Sky Sports, Documentaries or maybe a focus on HD channels.

Sky's base TV package includes freeview and an extra 100 channels including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Vice, Fox, Comedy Central, Dave Ja Vu, SyFy, Sky Documentaries, Eurosport and more.

Where to get Sky and BT TV channels:

BT broadband deals

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Which broadband and TV packages have Sky Sports?
Sky Sports has long been the destination for serious sports fans. Building its reputation in the 90s as the only place to watch Premier League football, you'll still need to grab a Sky Sports subscription to watch Test match cricket, golf majors and most of the Formula One season.

You can add Sky Sports to the following broadband plans:
- Sky Fibre
- BT Unlimited Broadband and Superfast Fibre
- Virgin Media broadband
- NOW Brilliant Broadband

Which broadband and TV packages have Sky Cinema?
Formerly known as Sky Movies, Sky Cinema features more films than you can shake a celluloid stick at. And it doesn't matter whether you like a laugh, crave nail-biting action or enjoy having your spine chilled - Sky Cinema channels include Comedy, Disney, Crime & Thriller, Sci-Fi & Horror and Premiere for all the best new flicks.

You can add Sky Cinema to the following broadband packages:
- BT Unlimited Broadband and Superfast fibre
- Sky Fibre
- Virgin Media broadband
- NOW Brilliant Broadband and Fab Fibre

Which broadband and TV packages have Sky Atlantic?
You don't need us to tell you that we're in a Golden Age for television drama and box sets. Sky Atlantic is the network's way to make the most of the small screen's new wave of high-quality broadcasting from the US. With shows like Westworld, Chernobyl and Game of Thrones in its rich history, Sky Atlantic is the kind of channel many will want.

You can add Sky Atlantic to the following broadband plans:
- Sky Fibre
- NOW Brilliant Broadband and Fab Fibre
- BT Fibre 

Can I get BT Sport with my broadband and TV package?
You can watch BT Sports on your TV for free if you're a new customer but after that it will cost you a few quid a month to enjoy BT Sport's exclusive coverage of Premier League and Champions League football, Premiership Rugby.

Virgin Media is the only other internet provider that allows you to add BT Sport to your broadband plan. You simply have to choose a Virgin plan that includes BT Sport like the Ultimate Oomph or Bigger Bundle + Sports.

Which providers offer broadband and TV deals?

While not all broadband providers do broadband and TV deals, most of the big name brands do. You'll see BT, Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk, EE and more pop up on your search. However, each brand does it differently.

As we said above, some simply offer freeview, some include TV subscriptions like Apple TV or Now Entertainment and some go all in with hundreds of available channels.

While BT is one of the big names of internet, it keeps its broadband and TV deals pretty simple. It uses Now's entertainment pass, AMC and a Freeview box to bring you a load of TV choices. The second option is BT's sport plans offering either all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation or, those same sports channels plus all 11 Sky Sports channels.

See the best BT broadband deals

EE technically offers broadband and TV deals and what we mean by that is, it offers Apple TV 4K as an add-on to its broadband. This is a lot like Netflix or NowTV, but with Apple TV exclusive shows. Through the App Store on Apple TV, you can watch Prime Video, BT Sport, BBC iPlayer and more...but you do have to pay for all of these separately.

See the best EE broadband deals

Now Broadband
Now Broadband is one of the cheapest options for broadband and TV and uses its Now passes to give you TV access. This includes Now Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Sky Documentaries and more. Considering how affordable these are, they are a great way to watch hit shows like Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad and more.

See the best Now broadband deals

Vodafone operates in almost an identical way to EE. It does offer broadband and TV deals but this is simply the addition of Apple TV 4K with your internet. Like EE, this will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer, YouTube and more through your TV but you will have to pay for any subscription services separately.

See the best Vodafone broadband deals

TalkTalk comes out as the cheapest provider of broadband and TV deals...if you don't count Now Broadband's TV passes of course. It provides a plan with just Freeview or options with Amazon Prime Video, HD channels, sports options and more. These all depend on your budget and the kind of speeds you need.

See the best TalkTalk broadband deals

Virgin is arguably the best overall provider of broadband and TV deals. This is because it: a) offers the widest range of speeds, going all the way up past 500Mb and b) has a wide range of TV plans ranging from Freeview up to options with Sky Cinema, Sky Sports and BT Sports, National Geographic in HD and more. However, Virgin isn't as readily available across the country as other providers.

See the best Virgin broadband deals

Sky is a lot like Virgin when it comes to broadband and TV deals but with more customisation. Where Virgin offers you pre-selected packages, Sky lets you pick and choose what you want and its more readily available than Virgin. However, Sky can very quickly rack up the costs and at the higher-end is one of the most expensive options around.

See the best Sky broadband deals

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