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Grab this 50-inch 4K HDR TCL TV for just £249 in a Prime Day deal

Cheap 4K smart TV
Image credit: TCL (Image credit: TCL)

If you’re in the market for a new TV then Amazon Prime Day is often the best time to buy, as this deal on the TCL 50DP628 50-inch UHD 4K TV attests.

Right now it’s just £249, down from £429, making for a saving of £180 or 42%, and you get more than you might expect for that money, because as well as having a 4K resolution this thing supports HDR10 and HRG (Hybrid Log Gamma), so supported content will really pop.

TCL 50DP628 50-inch 4K HDR10 TV: £429 now £249 (opens in new tab)
Want to talk to your telly? This HDR and 4K-capable TCL 50-incher not only has access to all manner of smart platforms, but can also hook up to Amazon's voice assistant to let you change channels, volume and more with your voice.

Extra content at no extra cost

You won’t be short of things to watch on the TCL 50DP628 either, as it has Freeview Play and YouTube built in, so there’s plenty of free content. You can also access Netflix direct from the TV if you’re in the mood for something more premium.

It works with Alexa too, so if you have an Amazon Echo device you won’t even have to reach for the remote much of the time, and with Dolby audio built in it shouldn’t sound too lacking if you can’t afford to pair it with a soundbar.

More TCL Prime Day TV deals

Looking for a different size? Amazon's cut the price of many of the TCL TVs in this range, right across the gamut of screen sizes. If the one above doesn't float your boat, try one of these alternatives:

TCL 43DP628 43-inch 4K HDR10 TV: £329 now £199 (opens in new tab)
This cheap and cheerful set makes for a perfect larger bedroom screen, with all the 4K and HDR mod cons you could hope for. It's got a £130 saving for 40% off its usual price tag.

TCL 55DP628 55-inch 4K HDR10 TV: £499 now £299 (opens in new tab)
Get chatty with your telly, thanks to this 55-inch screen from TCL. Not only does it have a 4K panel with HDR10 and HLG high dynamic range, it also works with Amazon's Alexa to let you control its functions via voice command.

TCL 65DP628 65-inch 4K HDR10 TV: £599 now £399 (opens in new tab)
Big screen action on a tight budget? You'll be hard pressed to find a TV this size, this feature rich, at this price. For a quid shy of £400 you're getting 65-inches of 4K HDR action.

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