A Christmas idea to help cut your parents' cord, Roku devices are at the lowest prices ever

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I've been a big fan of Roku's service ever since I bought a TCL 6-series TV with Roku on board. When my Dad started asking me whether it was worth keeping his cable service, I bought him a Roku Ultra box loaded up with all of my subscriptions to try. He loved it so much that he cut the cord from expensive cable service. That Roku Ultra is now on sale for $66.99 at Amazon, the lowest price I've ever seen, and it's so good I'm buying one for my other smart TV. 

There are lots of streaming boxes, like Google's Chromecast or Apple TV, but Roku wins with the simplest, most unfussy design that is incredibly easy to use. It doesn't make a ton of suggestions or try to sell you services you don't need. It just gives you the TV that you want and pay for. You can subscribe to new services through the Roku box, or you can just log in to your favorite streamers. 

If you want a serious upgrade, there's also an amazing deal on the Roku Streambar with a wireless subwoofer. For $149.99 you can get a Roku Streambar at Amazon, plus the subwoofer and that's the lowest price we've ever seen for that bundle. You get the same 4K streaming from the normal Roku, plus a small soundbar that punches above its weight, and a subwoofer. An amazing deal that will be an instant upgrade to whatever you're using.  

If you want to cut the cord yourself or cut the cord for someone else, I highly recommend Roku for its ease of use and reliability. Even if you just hate the 'smart TV' software that comes with your Samsung or Sony TV, Roku boxes make a nice addition to simplify and just focus on watching some great shows. 

Today's best Roku deals:

Roku Ultra: $99.99now $66.99 at Amazon
Save $33:

Roku Ultra: was $99.99 now $66.99 at Amazon
Save $33:
This is the lowest price we've ever seen on Roku's excellent Roku Ultra 4K streaming box. This device has been around for almost two years, but it's still one of the best streaming boxes you can get, with great features like a remote finder and a headphone port on the remote so you can hear your shows without disturbing the house. It also works with Apple AirPlay to stream iPhone content. 

Roku Streambar and Roku Wireless Bass: $249.99now $149.99 at Amazon
Save $100:

Roku Streambar and Roku Wireless Bass: was $249.99 now $149.99 at Amazon
Save $100:
You can buy the Roku Streambar on its own, but this bundle includes the Roku Wireless Bass subwoofer, and having a subwoofer makes a huge difference in watching movies and action shows. This is the best price we've ever seen on this bundle, making a steal compared to just buying the Streambar alone.  

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