We just got a big hint that a Google Pixel Tablet 2 is on the way

Google Pixel Tablet with speaker dock
The first Pixel Tablet, on its dock (Image credit: Future / Philip Berne)

In our Google Pixel Tablet review we described the slate as "a great idea in need of a few software updates" – and it looks as though Google is keen to take a second swing at the device, based on new codenames appearing in the latest Android beta update.

Those codenames are Clementine and Kiyomi, and as noted by 9to5Google, they follow the fruit theme set by the original Pixel Tablet. The first slate had the internal codenames Tangor and Tangorpro while in development, though only the latter device was launched.

The Pixel Tablet dock had codenames too: Korlan and Yuzu. The fact that there were two codenames suggests that Google was thinking about releasing a charging dock without the speaker, but that never appeared.

All those names are related to fruits, and citrus fruits in particular, which makes us think that the Pixel Tablet 2 is now in development. Google would of course want to make sure Android properly supported the device while it was being tested, hence the appearance of the codenames in the beta.

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The front of the Google Pixel Tablet showing the home screen

The Pixel Tablet went on sale in June 2023 (Image credit: Google)

While it's not the strongest leak that we've ever seen, it would be something of a surprise if Google didn't put out a second Pixel Tablet. You might remember the first one was previewed all the way back in May 2022 at the Google I/O event, before eventually going on sale in June 2023.

Google I/O will no doubt be happening again this year around May time, so we might hear more about the Pixel Tablet 2 then. We'll almost certainly hear more about Android 15, which is due to be rolled out later in the year.

This is the first Pixel Tablet 2 rumor we've come across, and it doesn't tell us much about the actual tablet itself – there are no clues to anything like the screen size or the sort of specs we might be looking at with the internal components.

We have, however, already decided what we want to see from the Google Pixel Tablet 2. At the top of our wishlist is a bigger and better screen, while we'd also welcome a bigger battery (and more battery life as a result).

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