This Black Friday Kindle Scribe sale makes it cheap enough that even teachers like me can afford one

Amazon Kindle Scribe e-ink writing tablet
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I've been waiting for the Kindle tablets to go on sale for Amazon's Black Friday deals, and the Kindle Scribe is the first of the bunch to get a discount, and it's really good. We thought we saw the lowest price on Prime Day in October, but Amazon has knocked $100 / £80 off the price, making this the new low for the biggest Kindle. 

If you want to get serious about writing with the Kindle Scribe, it's worth checking out the bundle offers that are also on sale. If you buy an Essentials Bundle with the Premium Pen (which offers an eraser tip on the opposite end) and a fabric cover that also holds the pen, along with a charger, you can save more than $150. Sadly, that offer doesn't appear on Amazon's UK site. 

The Kindle Scribe is much more than your average Kindle. It comes with a pen for writing, and Amazon has a section of the Kindle store devoted to books in which you can write. You can also add handwritten sticky notes to any book in your Kindle library.

For teachers and students, the Kindle Scribe would be a fantastic tool, except that it normally costs almost as much as an Apple iPad. With this discount, it's only a bit more expensive than a fancy ereader, and worth considering if you want to stay organized in English class. As an English teacher myself, I'd try anything to get my kids engaged with their reading. 

Black Friday Kindle Scribe deals

Kindle Scribe:$339.99$239.99 on Amazon

Kindle Scribe: was $339.99 now $239.99 on Amazon
Amazon's Kindle Scribe drops to a new low price, and even the basic model is plenty capable for reading, taking notes, and journaling. If you want to write notes on a simpler tablet, or even if you just want a bigger Kindle screen, the Kindle Scribe is an excellent choice, especially at this price. 

Kindle Scribe:£329.99£249.99 on Amazon

Kindle Scribe: was £329.99 now £249.99 on Amazon
The UK doesn't get the same bundles as the US, but there is still a great discount on the Kindle Scribe, dropping it to the lowest price we've seen here in the UK as well. You can add the Premium Pen for only £25 more, and it's worth the upgrade if you'll be writing a bunch. 

Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle:$449.97$298.97 on Amazon

Kindle Scribe Essentials Bundle: was $449.97 now $298.97 on Amazon
If you're going to be doing serious writing with the Kindle Scribe, it's worth investing in the Essentials Bundle. The bundle is $151 less than it's normal list price, and $40 cheaper than buying these things separately. You get a Premium Pen, which has an eraser function that is really a necessity. You also get a great cover that features a holder for the Pen, a rarity on writing tablets, unbelievably.  

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