How to watch John Carpenter's Suburban Screams anywhere

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How to watch John Carpenter's Suburban Screams

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Premiere: Friday, October 13 2023
Stream: Peacock (US)
Use ExpressVPN to watch while abroad

John Carpenter's Suburban Screams preview

Master of horror John Carpenter returns with his new show Suburban Screams. The director of such horror classics as The Fog, Christine and The Thing turns his hand to true crime, executive producing this documentary anthology series that blends first hand accounts, archive footage and cinematic reconstructions. Stick with us for all the information you need on how to watch John Carpenter's Suburban Screams from anywhere.

The six-episode run is set to conclude with Carpenter’s first directorial effort in over a decade with the season finale, entitled Phone Stalker, which tells the story of a woman who becomes the victim of a tech genius’ cruel obsession. Other episodes, directed by Michelle Latimer (Frontier), Jan Pavlacky (Haunted) and showrunner Jordan Roberts (Mind of a Killer), tell the tales of real life hauntings, small town murder sprees, cursed neighborhoods and a bunny suited, axe-wielding, prowler menacing the suburbs.

Of course, no John Carpenter project would be complete without a score from the man himself, and, fresh off composer duties for David Gordon Green’s Halloween Trilogy, he returns to pen what will surely be a suitably spooky opening credits theme. 

The show looks set to continue where Carpenter began with the original Halloween, exploring the evil that lurks below the surface of the seemingly safe picket fences and pristine lawns of suburbia. Read on for full details of the streaming services ad TV channels you need to watch John Carpenter’s Suburban Screams wherever you are.

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How to watch Suburban Screams in the US


You can watch John Carpenter's Suburban Screams on Peacock, beginning from Friday, October 13, with all episodes dropping together.

While Peacock does have a free tier, you’ll need a Peacock Premium subscription to watch Suburban Screams and other Peacock Originals, which costs $5.99 a month.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus for $11.99 a month, which removes any ads and allows you to download select content to watch offline. Plus, you could save an extra 17% on Premium Plus by purchasing an annual plan at $119.99 per year.

Not in the US? Anyone from the US who wants to binmge Suburban Screams while abroad can do so by using a VPN.

How to watch Suburban Screams online outside your country

For those of you who are away from home when Suburban Screams airs, you’ll be unable to watch the show like you normally would due to annoying regional restrictions. Luckily, there’s an easy solution. 

Downloading a VPN allows you to stream online, no matter where you are. It's a simple bit of software that changes your IP address, meaning that you can access on-demand content or live TV just as if you were at home.

Use a VPN to watch Suburban Screams from anywhere.


ExpressVPN is the world's top VPN right now There are dozens of VPNs to choose from, but we recommend ExpressVPN. It's fast, straightforward to use, and simple to install. Plus, it’s compatible with a whole host of devices, a few of which includes Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and iOS and Android software.

Express VPN's flexible 30-day money back guarantee is hard to refuse. But, better yet, you can get a 49% discount and get 3 months extra FREE if you purchase their annual plan – an excellent deal for an invaluable piece of software.

Once installed, just pick the location of your home country, and click connect. You’ll then be free to enjoy Suburban Screams online no matter where you are.

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How to watch Suburban Screams online in Canada


For those in Canada, Suburban Screams will air on Showcase. It will arrive a little later than the US beginning on October 18 at 10am ET, and then airing at the same time weekly. 

Showcase is available via your cable provider and also online through StackTV, where episodes will also be available for catch up. 

It’s currently available as an add-on channel as part of an Amazon Prime Video subscription. As both offer a 30-day free trial to new subscribers, you could access thousands of titles on Prime, stream StackTV shows, and enjoy one-day delivery for absolutely nothing for a whole month.

If you decide to keep your membership, StackTV will set you back CA$12.99 a month, in addition to the CA$9.99 fee for your Amazon Prime Video account.

If you’re travelling when Suburban Screams airs, just download a VPN to change your IP address to back home and continue to stream your favorite shows from anywhere.

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Can I watch Suburban Screams online in the UK?

John Carpenter's Suburban Screams doesn't currently have a UK airdate. However, while Peacock is not available in the UK as a stand alone service, a number of Peacock Originals have found an exclusive home on Sky TV and it's on-demand service Now. While there's no confirmation of exactly when Suburban Screams will arrive, there's a good chance you'll find it on Sky.

If you don't already have Sky TV, then check out our Sky TV deals and packages to find one that suits your tastes and budget.

Alternatively, you could enjoy the contract-free streaming service NOW and watch dozens of hit TV shows, including numerous Peacock Originals, with a subscription to its Entertainment pass at £9.99 a month.

Currently out of the country? Download a good VPN to connect to your usual streaming services and avoid signing up to any more while abroad.

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Can you watch John Carpenter's Suburban Screams in Australia?

There is currently no confirmed air date for Suburban Screams in Australia, however Binge is where you can find all Peacock content, so it's likely that it will arrive on the streaming platform at some point. 

If your not already a subscriber, Binge offers a 14-day 30-day free trial in which you can, well, binge John Carpenter's latest as well as a host of the biggest show from the US. After that, the three paid tiers come in at AU$10, AU$16 or AU$18

If you're an Aussie currently away from home, you can also use a good VPN to gain access to all the same services and content you'd normally watch (and pay for) back in your country of residence.

John Carpenter's Suburban Screams episode guide

  • Episode 1 - "Kelly"
  • Episode 2 - "A Killer Comes Home"
  • Episode 3 - "House Next Door"
  • Episode 4 - "Bunny Man"
  • Episode 5 - "Cursed Neighbourhood"
  • Episode 6 - "Coming Home"

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