The Marvels lands February release date on Disney Plus following terrible box office run

Kamala Khan, Carol Danvers, and Monica Rambeau stare up at something off-screen in The Marvels
The Marvels is coming to Disney Plus in early February. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

It's official: The Marvels will finally make its way onto Disney Plus on Wednesday, February 7.

The Marvel Phase 5 film, which is the biggest box office bomb in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) history, will make its official streaming debut on the Disney-owned platform early next month. The announcement was made via Marvel's social media channels, with the Disney subsidiary confirming its latest big-screen offering will be available to watch at home in just over two weeks (at the time of writing, anyway).

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The Marvels' forthcoming arrival on Disney Plus comes two weeks after it was initially made available to rent and/or buy on select digital stores. Indeed, in early January, The Marvels received a streaming release date of January 9, but fans were left waiting for a confirmed Disney Plus launch as Marvel opted to distribute the superhero film on the likes of Apple TV, the Amazon store, and Google Play first.

Before then, we speculated on when The Marvels would make its Disney Plus bow and, not to blow our own trumpet, but we suggested the Brie Larson-starring flick would join the streaming's movie library in February 2024. We're glad, then, that we were proved right.

With its February 7 release date now locked in, The Marvels will follow its MCU brethren in debuting on Disney Plus around three months after its original theatrical launch. Even better (well, for us, anyway), we'll be able to give our new Disney Plus movies guide a proper update, as the Nia DaCosta-directed movie will be the first film to arrive on the service since The Creator on January 17 (on Disney Plus UK) and 2000's X-Men on January 5 (on Disney Plus US).

Captain Marvel looks puzzled as she stands in Kamala Khan's room in The Marvels

Yeah, the box office numbers don't make for great reading, Carol... (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Unfortunately for The Marvels, we won't be adding it to our best Disney Plus movies article. As I mentioned, its theatrical performance was, particularly in Marvel movie terms, a disaster. Per Box Office Mojo, The Marvels made a paltry $206.1 million globally – a timid haul that made it the lowest-grossing MCU movie of all-time. With an eyewatering reported budget in the region of $270 million, The Marvels failed to recoup its production costs, let alone make a profit for Marvel.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, its critical reception, poor word of mouth, and general audiences' apparent superhero fatigue didn't aid its cause. But, considering it holds a positive 82% viewers' rating on Rotten Tomatoes, coupled with the prospect of fans waiting for it to debut on Disney Plus before watching it, The Marvels might surprise us all and draw in a sizeable audience next month. We'll be on hand to report on that possibility when The Marvels makes the superpowered jump from the big to the small screen in February.

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