Binge is celebrating its birthday by offering its standard subscription for just AU$5

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Looking to catch-up on the best that TV has to offer? You can't look past Binge's breathtaking offering of quality TV Shows. From classics like The Sopranos and The Wire to global hits like Succession, White Lotus and The Last of Us, if TV dramas are your thing, Binge is where you want to be. Celebrating its birthday with a treat that is almost as tasty as its content, until June 7 you can grab one month of Binge for only AU$5.

Binge isn't only the home of serious drama, though. From The Great British Bake Off to GoggleBox, RuPaul's Drag Race, Curb Your Enthusiasm and an array of great movies, Binge has plenty to satisfy all tastes. It's not just this deal that makes June the perfect time to subscribe, either. Colin From Accounts season 2 is currently rolling out each week, while the second season of House of The Dragon will premiere on June 17. Whether you're enjoying weekly laughs or catching up on the latest and greatest, gaining everything Binge's AU$18p/m standard subscription has to offer –including up to 4K quality – for just AU$1.50 a week? That's one helluva deal.

Binge (standard) | AU$18p/mAU$5p/m

Binge (standard) | AU$18p/m AU$5p/m
Just look at the content available right now – True Detective Night Country and previous True Detective Seasons, the hilarious new Ted series, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Conan O'Brien's new travel series Conan O'Brien Must Go, Vanderpump Rules, High Country, The Sympathizer and Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of TV. Now, your bingeing skills might not allow you to watch them all, but for just AU$5, making your way through just one of Binge's high-quality shows in a month is well worth it.

While it didn't quite snag our claim as the number one subscription service this month in our guide to the best streaming service – that honour went to Disney Plus thanks to The Bear season three and the new Star Wars series The Acolyte –  there are few better times to snag yourself a Binge subscription than right now with its combination of hit new shows, classics and reality TV.

Heck, while it wears its series-heavy focus in its name , Binge is well worth it if movies are more your style. Along with recent films like Thanksgiving, May December, The Exorcist Believe and Five Nights at Freddy's, you can prepare for Beetlejuice Beetlejuice by watching Beetlejuice, repeat the madness of Barbenheimer with Barbie and Oppenheimer available in 4K, Binge watch the Harry Potter, Transformers, Star Trek and Fast and Furious films or enjoy the back-breaking best from the WWE.

No matter your watching preferences, Binge is one of the best subscription services that money can buy, offering plenty of value even at its regular price. The opportunity to subscribe at almost 75% off? That's irresistible.

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