iPad Air 2 review

Apple took the perfect tablet and somehow made it even better

iPad Air review
Thin, bold and still incredibly powerful

The iPad Air 2 is a great device for consuming media on - but the storage options have changed since its launch back in 2014.

Originally you got to choose between 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models, but Apple has since ditched the first two and replaced them with a 32GB iPad Air 2. Of course, even more recently it has ditched the Air 2 entirely, so you'll be relying on third-party retailers to get it in any capacity.

We're pleased Apple has finally cut the 16GB option, as we found it regularly filled up, and when it came to updating iOS we had to delete a raft of apps to do so.

iPad Air 2 review

The iPad Air is a fantastic device for media

If you're not using the iPad Air 2 for movies or TV shows, then you're really missing out. It's a great device for a marathon movie session thanks to being light with a less reflective screen and improved color and contrast ratios.

It's actually even visible in daylight (just), though of course it's bettered for that and just about everything else by the likes of the iPad Pro 11.

iPad Air 2 review

The iPad Air 2 is in its element with films and TV

The single speaker is impressively powerful too - I wouldn't have thought with the thickness shaved, the mono speaker would be any good, but it's rich, strong and really pumps out the bass on the new iPad.

It's really good for showing off movies or video clips to friends, although if it were front facing then it would be a much better experience.

And through the headphones, the experience follows Apple's established prowess in music, with rich and punchy sound coming through even lower end cans.

Gaming on the iPad Air 2 is something to behold. Its rich, immersive screen is perfect for either the point-and-prod gaming on the go (it's no surprise to see popular TV game show app companions as high sellers on the App Store) or a speedier car game.

iPad Air 2 review

Gaming on the iPad Air 2 is one of the tablet's great pleasures

Both of these are easy to play, the choice is fairly vast and while the selection isn't particularly strong (there surely have to be more game titles coming soon that take advantage of the sheer number of sensors, GPU performance and Metal, which allows a stronger and slicker game play performance on the iPad) it will only get better - plus there are plenty of kids' games to pass off to your children if you're brave enough with your new tablet.