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Google rebrands its enterprise business 'Google for Work'

Google's home office
Google's home office

Google has rebranded its suite of enterprise tools as Google for Work. What was formerly known as Google Enterprise - and consisted of business versions of Apps, Maps, Search, Chrome, Android and Cloud, among other things - will fall under the Google for Work umbrella.

More than five million businesses currently leverage Google's enterprise tools, including 64% of the Fortune 500. Packaged under one set of solutions, business users will be able to access professional email, online storage, video conferencing and security tools, among other tools for $120 per user per year for unlimited storage for more than five users.

The move, which is almost entirely cosmetic, enables Google to better position itself as an enterprise technology vendor. By doing so, it can nudge itself into conversations typically dominated by the likes of IBM, SAP, Salesforce and Microsoft.

The move could be lucrative, as the top 20 enterprise technology companies alone are worth more than $2.2 trillion dollars, according to Google Finance data.

Google alone is worth $383 billion, but much of its revenue is derived from consumer technology and online advertising revenue. In fact, less than 10% of Google's overall revenue was generated from its enterprise offerings.