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Microsoft's translator app trumps Google Translate

Microsoft Translator

Yesterday, Microsoft released a range of productivity apps for Android and iOS wearables, including updated Outlook support, Wunderlist and Yammer, as well as OneDrive and OneNote improvements.

But with its Microsoft Translator app, it looks like it is really taking a swipe at Google's own translator services.

So how does it stack up?

So far, the Microsoft translator app has only been available through Bing and Windows devices, but now it is available for Android and iOS devices, including Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Google Translate on the other hand, doesn't support Apple Watch, or even its own Android Wear.

Microsoft's offering also supports translations for up to 50 different languages through voice and text, while Google's only offers translations for 37 languages.

Of course, Google Translate also supports instant visual translations for 27 languages through using the device's camera, but it is trumped again by Microsoft Translator's support for 50 languages.

Microsoft, with its recent launch of Windows 10, has been beefing up its services across all devices in recent weeks, and with this latest entry, it is clear it wants to become a more popular choice for everyone, no matter what device you use.