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Microsoft exec brands Google 'defensive' player

Chrome could really be all about smoke and mirrors, says MS

Heard the one about the Microsoft exec beating on Google for not being creative enough? Well, you're about to.

According to an interview with VentureBeat, MS VP Walid Abu-Hadba believes Google is only prepping its Chrome OS to keep the likes of Microsoft busy and away from tackling Google's search domination and the riches therein.

Keep 'em moving

Abu-Hadba goes even further in saying that "most of what Google does is defensive" - in other words, it's not really a creative powerhouse, but rather it aims to keep its competitors constantly moving and busy.

With Chrome still a long way from completion, it's somewhat surprising to hear what amounts to a pre-emptive strike, especially when Microsoft has Bing lined up as a search player.

What's Bing for?

And that couldn't be at least partly about keeping Google too occupied to seriously target Windows' market share, could it?

Via CrunchGear