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Google may kill Chrome OS and bake the remains into Android

Chrome OS

A new report is claiming Google and parent company Alphabet have been working on killing the Chrome operating system.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has been working on combining Chrome OS into the mobile Android OS, with plans to release a computing Android OS in 2017 that'll run on computers and laptops as well as mobiles.

"The company plans to unveil its new, single operating system in 2017, but expects to show off an early version next year, one of the people [close to the matter] said," according to the WSJ.

OS wars

Google consolidating its operating systems shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, however, with Android pushing productivity on tablets and Chrome OS supporting Android apps, meaning the distinction between the two OSes have been becoming smaller already.

While we might end up seeing the new, combined Android OS as early as the Google I/O conference next year, the report says Chromebooks will get a new name, though the name of the Chrome browser will remain the same.

Microsoft has taken a similar step in consolidating its OSes as well, with the launch of Windows 10 this year bridging its operating systems on desktop, mobile and Xbox consoles.