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Android Market gets mobile overhaul, brings ebook downloads

Android Market - new look, new books
Android Market - new look, new books

Google has given the mobile Android Market a bit of a makeover, with the redesign bringing the web version's good looks to Android handsets.

It's got a Windows Phone 7-ish look about it, with grey tiles and side-swipe-able pages, intended to highlight the best and brightest of the apps on offer.

The update, which has already begun rolling out to handsets running Android 2.2 or higher will be making its way to worldwide users over the coming weeks.

Book it up

The updated market also brings Google eBooks to the fore, allowing users to buy books directly from the Android Market; this feature is US-only for the time being, but we expect to see it making its way to phones in the UK, given that it's already on the HTC ChaCha.

Book downloads will be linked to your Google account, so you can enjoy them on your other connected devices too.

What we probably won't get is the movie rental service that those lucky Yanks will enjoy in the upgraded market.

Oh well. Console yourselves with this short video preview of the market, which will arrive in an automatic update soon:

Via CoolSmartphone