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Shared locations on Google Maps now include battery life

Google Maps

From now on, sharing your location with a friend via Google Maps will also share your battery status, so they won't be alarmed if you suddenly 'vanish' and stop answering their calls.

Google added location sharing to Google Maps last year, helping solve the problem of guessing how long it'll take for you to arrive at a restaurant (and whether your friends should go ahead and order without you).

It also has more serious uses, like helping friends or family find you if you've had an accident in an isolated place. If they also know your battery is about to run out, they'll be less worried if you go quiet. Like your location, your phone's power level is shown in real time, so they can see if the GPS is draining it rapidly.

Sharing is caring

To use location sharing, tap the options menu in the app and select 'Share location'. You can then pick one or more people from your list of contacts. You can also share your location using a messaging or social media app. The recipient will receive a link that they can open in Google Maps or a web browser.

The feature is currently rolling out globally to Google Maps for both Android and iOS.