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Vodafone bangs drum for mobile music

Amy Winehouse will kick off the latest series of Vodafone TBA exclusive gigs

Mobile music lovers are being tempted to tune into Vodafone's new music offerings with a raft of new services, including a new website offering full track "dual downloads" for mobiles and PCs, plus streaming of content from exclusive Vodafone-sponsored gigs and music awards.

A new dedicated music site, , will enable users to download full tracks from a catalogue of over 500,000 tunes, with tracks made available as dual downloads (one sent over the air for mobile and one via the internet for PC). Vodafone is also introducing a "Full Track Pack" subscription bundle for customers that will offer seven full downloads a month for £5 (or 71p each), rather than the regular 99p cost.

The new Vodafone site will carry streamed content from a new series of exclusive Vodafone TBA gigs, and the Vodafone Live Music Awards 2007. The Vodafone TBA six-gig series kicks off on 19 April with Amy Winehouse playing in an undisclosed exclusive venue, with more to follow across the UK. The Vodafone Live Music Awards 2007 are scheduled for September.

Other music info, including news of upcoming gigs, voting details for the awards and competitions to win tickets, will be available on the Vodafone music site, with music videos and ringtone downloads available from the summer.