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Tourist makes good case for Google Glass by falling off pier checking Facebook

Tourist walks off pier while engrossed in checking Facebook
Kate is enjoying a lovely stroll along the pi- SPLASH

It would be all too easy to mock the tourist who walked off a pier because she was too busy checking her phone to realise she'd reached the end of the walkway.

But haven't we all nearly been there now? If it isn't a pier, it's a busy road or a tree or a lamppost or an angry commuter or a confused dog or a bin or a glass door. Honestly, real life doesn't half get in the way of technology sometimes.

Good on the lady in question for managing to keep her phone in hand while foundering in the cold Melbourne waters in the dark without knowing how to swim. Now if she'd had Google Glass...

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You'd be forgiven for walking off a pier while checking blips - they're very diverting.