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Samsung takes mobile OLED to the next level

Samsung unveils super-sharp OLEDs
Samsung unveils super-sharp OLEDs

Samsung Mobile Display (the display arm of Sammy tasked with OLED making) has announced a new breakthrough in OLED resolution, making it four times more sharp than current offerings.

This means that while you may have cooed over the clarity of the Omnia HD and the new Zune HD (are you spotting a theme here?) your eyes are about to get another visual treat.

The new version from SMD comes with a WVGA 800x400 pixel count (such as that seen on the new LG Viewty Smart) and 300 pixels per inch... which you can believe us is pretty high-res.

Less power, more light

Not only that (this is a real OLED treat-fest of news for you today) power consumption is set to be dropped by 40 per cent, and brightness will be improved, meaning even more battery life for you to play with.

The Korean source which broke the news says that the new OLED is 1,000 times more responsive than LCD, meaning that no matter how much fast motion you try to watch, you'll never see smearing.

We'd love to say the new iPhone due next week was going to packing the technology, but let's face it, given the 'in the lab' outfits those scientists are wearing, we'd hazard a guess this isn't going to drop into devices any time soon.

Via Digital Daily (translated)

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