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'Real' Google phone may be on its way

Google planning own phone... again?
Google planning own phone... again?

The rumours that Google is developing its own branded hardware are gathering pace, after word of a prototype leaked out.

Gizmodo is quoting a 'trusted source' who states that the phone has already been constructed in an early prototype, developed by Google and running a fancy version of Android.

While Google would obviously be using the best version of Android, the source is also stating that the OS used on the likes of the HTC Hero and Moto Milestone isn't the 'real' Android.

Android lessons

This means that whatever the Google phone brings, it will likely be a lot more functional than that which we've seen so far, with a lot of the lessons learnt on the way taken on board.

It will apparently have a larger screen as well, continuing the trend the HTC HD2 and Toshiba TG01 have blazed of large-screened, media friendly devices.

The next stage is ramping up the number of prototypes according to the source, so we'd estimate it will be at least six months before spy shots start appearing.

We're hopeful that Google's gPhone will be announced every year around June - giving Apple something to think about when telling the world that it has added a one per cent faster processor to the 'new' iPhone.