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Moto bringing Android 2.1 to Milestone by April

The Moto Milestone heading up to Android 2.1
The Moto Milestone heading up to Android 2.1

Motorola might be releasing approximately a bagillion phones per minute these days, but that hasn't stopped it keeping it an eye on the older ones.

Well, we say older, as the Motorola Milestone only launched at the tail end of last year – hardly ancient in phone terms.

But it 'only' launched in the UK with Android 2.0, which is so last year – it's all about Android 2.1 these days, with all them fancy things like interactive wallpapers (trust us, they're awesome).

Upping the ante

So the good news if you're in Europe and have forked out the moolah for the Motorola Milestone: it will be getting the upgrade in a matter of days.

It's currently available for the Hong Kong and Macau markets at the moment, so if you can't wait and know a thing or two about modding your device, you can download it directly.

Otherwise, be patient and you'll be using a faster and more slick Moto Milestone before the end of Easter.

Via Engadget