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Google Nexus One gets April UK release date?

The Nexus One coming to the UK in April?
The Nexus One coming to the UK in April?

Google's Nexus One looks set for an April UK release date, arriving on the Vodafone network.

The new phone, which will only be sold via Google's portal, has already launched in the US, but the UK had no release date until now.

The Nexus One's April UK release date might mean that it's actually beaten to market by the HTC Desire.

Battle royale

HTC have manufactured both, but with the latter the Taiwanese firm had put its own branding and own Android overlay on the mobile, meaning a clone-style battle for consumers' phone of choice.

However, the Nexus One will only be available through the Google portal, with little-to-no marketing push from Vodafone, so it will be interesting to see if Google actually markets the phone at all in the UK, given it hasn't in the US.

Early indications state that the Nexus One (which can already be purchased from will cost between £500-£600 without a contract, although we haven't found out the cost if you sign up to a contract deal.

Via the Daily Telegraph