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Google backtracks on China Android phone launch

Paranoid Android
Paranoid Android

Google has postponed the launch of two Android phones in China, after the browser clashed with the country over censorship issues.

The well-documented cyber-attack of Google in China has pushed the company to review its censorship policy which in turn has prompted China to announce that Google must obey its laws.

Google stripped

In turn Google has announced that a planned launch of two phones - one made in conjunction with Motorola and another Samsung - has been cancelled.

They were to be unveiled, through carrier China Unicom, at a launch this week but Marsha Wang, a Google spokesperson has announced: "It is postponed."

Interestingly, it looks like when the phones are released they will be completely stripped of Google branding.

According to Chinese magazine, Caijing, Google has asked that everything from the apps – like Google Maps – which are pre-installed on Android handset, to be taken off, alongside branding on the chassis of the handsets.

Via the Times