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Google adds gesture navigation to Android

Handwriting navigation comes to Android
Handwriting navigation comes to Android

Google has been tinkering with its Android OS again, and has now come up with written gesture recognition.

The new service means that users will be able to simply draw a letter on your Android phone (2.0 and above only) and your mobile will trawl through the phone's innards to show you all the things that begin with that letter.

If you struggle with your finest copperplate handwriting, simply striking the letter through from left to right will erase it and you can start all over again.

Bringing down the insanity

This basically mimics the voice search function on the Android phone, but has the added bonus of not making you look like a crazy by speaking to your phone with no discernible response to the outside world.

And it's also smart - it will remember what you choose when writing certain letters, and bring that to the top each time.

It's a Google Labs product at the moment, and can be downloaded through the Android Market - but only in the US at the moment, which is annoying for us British dwellers.

But if you're a Milestone user (or a soon-to-be Legend/Desire owner) then we'd bet this won't be far away from a UK release as well.

Via Google Official Blog