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China opens door for Android phone release

Android could still make another Chinese appearance
Android could still make another Chinese appearance

China has offered the possibility of Google allowing the launch of more Android-powered phones in its country.

Google has previously blocked the release of new phones running Android – its own mobile operating system – after the cyber attack it received in China.

But Zhu Hongren, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology spokesman, said that the releases would not be altered or limited providing they comply with Chinese law.

Limited functionality

The phones – which were set to launch on China Unicom and be manufactured by Samsung and Motorola – may still be launched, but without the Google branding. Whether Motorola and Samsung want to release phones that don't have the full set of intended features is unclear.

Google has still not made a firm decision on whether it wants to 'pull out' of China following the attacks on its site – but it seems China may be willing to open talks when responding to the question on Android.

Via Reuters