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Last-minute Mother's Day gift: iPhone 4S $149.99 at Radio Shack

iPhone 4S on sale at Radio Schack
Even the 8GB version of the regular iPhone 4 gets a cut down to $49.99

Shoppers still seeking that perfect Mother's Day gift may want to take advantage of Radio Shack's last-minute deal on the iPhone 4S.

The retailer is dropping the price of the 16GB iPhone 4S to $149.99 while the 32GB model drops to $249.99. Even the 8GB version of the regular iPhone 4 gets a cut down to $49.99.

Of course, all of these prices are for the phone with a two-year contract through AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

For those keeping score at home, this is nearly identical to the $50 price drop announced at Target stores earlier this week.

Radio Shack's deal on the 32GB model seems like the better buy. And with smartphones among the top requested Mother's Day gifts, these sales could be a good time to commit to the cult of Apple.

Deal running through June

The iPhone sales will be good for more than just last-minute gifts, with Radio Shack's deal running through the end of June.

Target's sale has also been extended, as it was originally reported to end this Saturday but will now run through the end of June, too.

The extension of the sales may actually be an indication to hold back. With rumors that the iPhone 5 may launch as soon as June, the sales at Target and Radio Shack are looking less like holiday gift deals and more like clearing shelves to make way for Apple's next wave of devices.

Even if you're dead set on picking up an iPhone 4S for cheap rather than the upcoming model, each iteration has historically been accompanied by deeper price cuts than the current deals.

Then again, giving mom the promise of an iPhone isn't quite the same as the real deal, making these sales a tempting offer despite what the future may hold.