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HP announces DreamColor Display

The DreamColor monitor (top) is brighter than bright
The DreamColor monitor (top) is brighter than bright

Billed as the ‘world’s first affordable colour-critical display’, the new HP DreamColour Display boasts 1 billion colours in a 30-bit LED backlit LCD.

Made in collaboration with DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc, the monitor is said to address, according to HP, “an increasingly critical need for affordable and consistent color accuracy in the animation, game development, film/video post, broadcast, product design and graphic arts categories.”

Currently LCD technology isn’t good enough when it comes to colour accuracy for imaging professionals, with most still using CRTs to colour correct and the like. The DreamColour Display is looking to address this problem.

A filmmaker’s dream

Speaking about the monitor, Ed Leonard, chief technology officer, DreamWorks Animation, said: “With the new DreamColor display, HP has broken through barriers that have existed in display technology for the past decade.

“The new display packs a list of significant advances into one amazingly powerful display, enabling an unprecedented level of color management and fidelity in our production process. It’s a digital filmmaker’s dream.”

The 24in monitor is out now in the states for an ‘affordable’ price of $3,499 (£1,750). There’s no news of it reaching our shores in the immediate future, but we will as always keep you posted.