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Vodafone wants you to text from Facebook

Vodafone wants you to text via Facebook
Vodafone wants you to text via Facebook

Vodafone's Facebook-lovers will soon have a new way to send messages from the popular social networking site: text message.

Using the 'Connect To Friends' application installed on a user's Facebook profile, users can now send messages to friends both on and off line instantly.

Vodafone is offering 25 free text credits to new users of the service, with costs of 10p per text and 30p per picture message occurring thereafter.

Text connect

Recipients can also reply direct to your mobile phone, as your number is linked on the message. So you can't really ditch the handset if you want to be in two-way communication, sorry.

The service is currently being offered as a trial at the moment, and is only available to Vodafone pay monthly or PAYG users, but does allow text credits to be bought in bulk, allowing some decent savings.

Then again, you could just use your mobile phone... saves a lot of effort really.