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Vodafone launches music store

Vodafone Music: music to your ears?
Vodafone Music: music to your ears?

Vodafone, the mobile phone giant, is taking the sting out of downloading music on your mobile phone with its new service, Vodafone Music.

The new store will be integrated into Vodafone Live! and is powered by RealNetworks.

The service will allow customers to buy and download songs and albums straight to their handset and is described by the company as "the ultimate mobile experience for music lovers."

Try before you buy

The Vodafone Music store is said to contain an 'enhanced visual library' with a quick-and-easy browsing function.

Users can also preview tracks before buying them. The previews are limited to 30 second bursts.

Price-wise, you will be looking at spending 99 pence per track and £7.99 for an album. If you feel like you just want to browse, then it's free.

The service is available now on the following handsets: SonyEricsson - W910, W890, W880, W850, V640, V630, K850, K800, K770, K610 and Nokia - N73.